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I did a critique series before, if you drop some art I'll do a video offering critiques again C: (will be around next weekend)_
For anyone interested in commissioning me, there are a few things you need to consider before. What to expect, and so on. 

General rules/principles

So I work full time, sometimes 12-13 hours a day, sometimes I'm at a hotel for a week a two a month. Hopefully this will change in the near future but for now this is my life. So, as much as I would love to do hundreds of commissions I really don't have the time. However, if you still want to commission me thats fine, but please note that I will not do time allocated pieces. If you say you want an illustration done in two weeks I will almost always reject it (unless the pay is like, a good compensation for my free time burning into an oblivion). 

If you can't, won't or are unsure about waiting, thats fine! You do you. Hopefully I get a regular job and I can have a few hours after work to do my hobbies. (I've been hoping this job would ease up, but so far its just gotten busier, harder and really stressful.) 

How I work

So you decide you want a commission, you think I'm worth the wait. What next? Well, I won't accept money until I have done a sketch. I do this for 2 reasons~

    To see if I would actually enjoy painting it. Or if there are any problems that arise. 

    To show the person ordering I intend to finish. 

After a sketch I will accept half payment, then I complete and get the remaining. I prefer as much open dialogue as possible but if you can't, I will continue the piece. I can't wait 3 weeks for a reply, because if I'm painting its because I have rare time to work on it. So I need some consistent communication.

What I promise

I promise that each piece I do, I do to the quality I would like in my portfolio. Its important to me that my best pieces are commissions and such, so I'll do it with as much energy and effort as I can! 

Grace period

There is a grace period of 1-2 weeks where any minor changes will be done for you! For example, say you commissioned a portrait and the eyes just aren't the right colour, or whatnot. I'll do that. 

I do a full painting, and then I do several different crops of that painting. Usually so you can have a profile image, banner etc. 


So, as I said my time really is quite rare and precious, so I don't really do cheap commissions so please do not request I do art for 20 dollars, or for free. I will however work within a budget. If you say "I have 120 dollars, what can I get. This is the commission I want" we can work within your price range! 

        Portraits - £90 - You will get a full illustration, with different crops of said portrait. 
        Half body £150 - as stated above, with different crops of the image. 

£50 - £80 Scene/environment - You will get a full illustration with different crops. 
Resources for games - UI, textures, concept designs, character designs, concept art etc are all varied. But           prices start at £30-£40. 

Final note

If you contact to commission me and I realise that I won't do a job that I'm proud of, I will redirect you to artists that I think would fill that need. I do not want you getting a half arsed job, I'm proud of my paintings, my work ethic and my effort and I will treat your commissions with kindness. As I hope you will treat me as such.


You may use my art wherever, if you've paid for it, you are free to post it. However if you want to edit it please contact me first. If I have time I will be able to help you get the best potential out of it. 


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